Talent Search/Trio

Your student is invited to apply to the TRIO-Talent Search program at Clatsop Community College!

Talent Search is a federally funded program designed to help you prepare for and gain admission to college. We help you succeed in middle school and high school, and plan for post-secondary education at college and universities or vacation and technical schools. We visit colleges and vocational/technical programs across the state to expose students to their educational opportunities, as well as help with applying for financial aid and college admission.  We offer personalized one on one academic advising to students to help them meet their goals. 
Our program serves 6th-12th grade students who meet some of the following criteria: 

-Be interested in attending some college or vocational school after high school;
-Meet federal low-income guidelines
-Be a first-generation college-bound student (neither parent has a 4 year university degree). 

Click this link to apply: 

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